What is counselling therapy?

I am a Person-centred Counsellor/Psychotherapist which means I put the client at the centre of their therapy. Too often people give so much energy and effort to their partners and families and forget to give time, love and attention to themselves.

I am here to help guide you and your process; together we can find what works for you; and how you can empower yourself to make the changes you need to make to find your way forwards.

My role is to support you unconditionally and without judgement. I will help you to explore these issues in a safe way, so that you do not feel overwhelmed and alone. Working collaboratively we can find solutions and answers and help free you from the quagmire of emotions that have been holding you down.

Therapy is sometimes hard, and involves a determination and willingness to be with difficult emotions.

I aim to support you and guide you through this time; eventually you will come to find the ability in yourself to make autonomous decisions and changes; ultimately to be the person you recognise yourself to be.

I can deal with most subjects that clients present with. If I am not able to help you I will endeavour to sign-post you in the right direction so that you may seek specialist help.